Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pediasure, cute-scoot and all things Case.

The doctor changed Case from Enfamil Enfacare to Pediasure. I don't know why this excites me so much but it does. It could be that it makes my job a little easier or that Pediasure is more caloric. Whatever the reason I'm very happy for the switch.:) Case gained a total of 4 ounces this week bringing him up to 11 pounds 7 ounces. I'll take it. I had this crazy idea that the weight would pack on at a rapid rate. That isn't happening. We averaged less then 1 pound this month. I'm not complaining. Just had to get rid of my  expectations. I still struggle with getting him to eat enough calories in a day. I can only run 38 ml's per hour for 8-10 hours at night,  which means he needs to have consumed more then half his total calories by around 10 .It's hard not to be stressed about this every day. Somehow, even when it looks like we won't hit our calories, we usually do. I sometimes have to forfeit a few. I have decided to trust Jesus and to be kept in His perfect peace and to try not to give into life's aggravations.

A peaceful man is not compleetly free from the pinch of life's aggravations, he simply declines to give them power and refuses to be held captive by them. -Dodinsky

Being Case's mom I've learned that what works for most babies doesn't always work for my mini-man. Like those dumb wooden highchairs (no matter how small I make the straps, they don't hold him in. He turns completely around and makes friends.) or shoes! He needs a size 1. I'm not talking a "crib shoe". I'm talking an actual real, supportive sneaker. After several phone calls and one email to shoe stores and shoe makers I think I found one pair that will work well! I'm very excited about this as his Physical Therapist said it is very important. I am blessed.:)

On another topic, I wanted you all to see Case's cute scoot. He used to creep but now that he has the Mic-key button, he scoots on his butt. It's really cute. He still walks around holding onto the furniture but when he wants to get around fast, he scoots like this:

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