Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Very Special Wish.

When I first found out I was pregnant with my fourth child, I was elated! I miscarried our third child. A few years later we had Lainey and we really wanted one more. So many thoughts ran through my mind....."What if the baby is our only BOY?! What if we have a fourth, precious girl? What if I miscary again?....That would be so hard.....I wonder how big he/she will be, who they will look like and what their future holds...." Never once did I think, "I wonder if my child will be chronically ill and qualify for Make a Wish". There were a lot of things that never crossed my mind concerning my unborn child. Atleast not untill my 25 week sonogram with a high risk doctor. 
Spnething thing I did realize while on this journey is you can't imagine the grief you'll experience at times. Equally, you can't imagine the joy that comes along the ride.....
Our precious, complicated, strong boy, Case was picked to Make a Wish. Through all of the hards, the bads, the booboos, through all of the tears and the pains there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. This wish is our light.❤️
After being referred, chosen and checked out....Two fantastic Make a Wish volounteers came to our  home and asked him what he wishes for. He said in his own Case way that he wants to meet Mickey, Buzz, Sully and Mike and "Mickey Mouse's House."
What a blessing, not that Case categorizes as having a chronic illness but that our family can have a FANTASTIC week away from all the "normal". A week to do nothing but enjoy each other and thank God for our miracle. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

He Smiles in the Storm.

He Smiles in the Storm. 

When our beautiful, amazing, medically complicated son with an unknown syndrome was born, he was immediately hurled into a storm. We knew he was sick, were told he would die and when he literally started "dying inside of my womb" he was thrusted out via C-section, taken to the cold, metal exam table in a specialty hospital miles away from our home. Dozens of NICU nurses, doctors and staff crowed around him to "assess" his physical status and told his father we couldn't see him until they "knew what exactly they were dealing with". They allowed me to kiss his face while I was still strapped down to the surgery table and whisked him away. 
Once they had him all "suited up" in his isolate for transport via helicopter to Children's, they wheeled him into my room, my husband and I got to touch his little plastic box and say goodbye.....
He was born into a storm. He new nothing but the four walls of his hospital room, 30 minutes per day of parental holding, needles, tests and pokes for almost
6 weeks. After he was discharged the storm turned to a light rain for awhile while he was tested, poked, prodded, weighed, force fed and drug back and forth to Children's. 
Through the (almost) 4 short years of his life, it never stopped storming and he never stopped smiling. He smiled through 10 surgeries, 7 other anesthetic procedures, endless genetic testing, endless IVs, tests, hospital stays and on and on. His peace is super natural.
A peace that could only come from God and passes a tremendous amount of our "own understanding". He glows, really because he was chosen to be a light in the dark, a smile in a storm. He is a gift of true grace.❤️