Saturday, July 26, 2014

"Don't like booboos, no....."


"Don't like booboos, no. Don't like no hair. Don't like hospital, no."-Case 3 1/2 and acutely aware of his differences, tired of booboos, tired of hospitals, tired of surgeries, hated having his head shaved for the Cranial Vault Repair......just done and finally able to vocalize it. Two of the hardest things about being the mom of a medically complicated child is hearing how medically complicated your child will be/is and watching your child realize it... For the last few months, he's been noticing he's smaller than normal, he's fed up with constant vomiting and he wants to do all the typical things a three year old can do. He can't tumble due to brain malformations, he can't ride the fun rides at the park due to his abnormally small stature, he can't play contact sports when he grows....and the list goes on. Things he doesn't know he'll never be able to do yet but we'll need to tell him some day. This. Is. Hard. But not impossible....He will understand, eventually that great rewards come with his great strength. He is wise beyond his years. For all the can'ts....there are a thousand cans. He CAN walk. He CAN speak. He CAN grow, develop and thrive mentally, emotionally and intellectually. He can love and feel love. He CAN breath, LIVE and live abundantly. He CAN change the world. Change how people view disabilities......It will take time for him to see that. The hard times will be hard but the blessings will they always have. God bless this baby. Help him to see You and Your AMAZING WILL. We are loved and we are blessed. Thank you for sharing this beautiful journey with us. ❤️

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Amazing Case.

Amazing Case. 

Long time, no blog....Sorry. Things have been busy, I guess.;) More "normal" than ever.....Case has had a few weeks off from...everything....No therapies....No school....No appointments...Just fun and summer until next week. 
He's transitioned from being fed 21 hours a day via feeding pump to, 8 separate, 10 minute feeds through a tube and syringe a day and 8 hour pump feeds at night. HE LOVES BEING FREE, free for his back Panek, free to He's so, amazing....The biggest struggle he's having is daily vomiting. The same vomiting that's been going on for years....I pray for grace....I pray that soon, really soon this will be corrected. 
Today, Amazing Case went into a bouncy house for the first time. I was so nervous. Nervous to let my 3 1/2 half year old go in a huge house for bouncing...Not because I'm over protective or a worry wort but because he is fragil. He, not too long ago had his head cut open, movement makes him sick and he has brain conditions that could be hurt by lots of jumping, etc. he barley jumped....but boy did he SMILE! There is nothing a mom of a special needs child loves more than watching him do "typical" things. He. Is. Amazing. 
So, as we prepare Amazing Case for his 10th surgery (August) and 4th MRI (September), I remember that everyday is a gift and sometimes, we need to let go.....
Thanks for loving Case. Thanks for being loyal. We ❤️ You all. 

If anyone would like to purchase a Case t-shirt, here is the link.:)