Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas past and present.

Christmas is a time of giving. A time of love, joy, peace and family. Last year Dan, the girls and I spent Christmas in the NICU and at the Ronald McDonald House. It was hard in ways being away from home but we were more then blessed spiritually, emotionally and materially. We enjoyed a meal of what ever our family wanted in the cafeteria bought by a family we never met. The girls got gifts that were donated the the RMH. Case got several gifts donated by organizations and families. There were many more gifts given to us and I am more then thankful. I was also given the gift of good fruit. Jesus was and is in me. It was glorious. Now, as I sit on my couch I'm not taking one minute of this beautiful Christmas or last for granted. I will never forget the blessings that flowed last year and am also thankful for Christmas at home this year.

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