Saturday, December 10, 2011

Medical update.

Medically Case is doing well. His fontanel is finally getting smaller. He is slowly but surly gaining weight. 10 Pounds 13 ounces!:) He changed his army crawl to a half sitting/half crawling kind of thing (to avoid scooting on his Mic-Key button:). He pulls himself up and walks holding on to furniture. His liver ultrasound came back normal!! He still sees Occupational Therapy (for eating) and Physical Therapy regularly. He has a home nurse coming 2-3 times a week for a while to monitor his weight and over all health. I feed him orally all day then give him remaining calories thought his tube at night. Sometimes It gets confusing and more times then not I end up with formula and stomach juices on my pants and the carpet. Maybe I should get the carpet in his bedroom cleaned for his birthday. :) Oh, Yeah... the big guy will be one on the 21st! All and all he is perfect, happy and a blessing beyond measure!:)

 Do you see that? I'm pretty sure it's a double chin!!

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