Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oh G, what can the matter be?

I know those aren't the lyrics. But that's the song that's been in my head lately. Case had a pediatrician appointment  this past Thursday. His weight gain in the past month month was mininal. It's looking like he will need the G-tube. He now weighs 10 pounds 8 ounces. It's a lot of working getting him to eat and drink. It's exhausting.

I was rocking him the other night and thinking about the blood work we had done in September (with Genetics). We got the results in the mail Saturday. But before we got the results I was rocking him and thinking (worrying). I said to Dan, "What if the results come back someday and he has a horrible syndrome that says he won't live past 8 years old?" Dan said, "Then I would suggest you stop worrying and love every minute with him". What a good perspective. None of us are promised tomorrow or even the next minute. It's time we embrace the situation we are in (good, bad or indifferent) and go with it. Live like there is no tomorrow.

So, yeah...the letter from Genetics said all the tests came back normal. :) They will continue testing to find "the underlying problem behind all of his anomalies". I truly don't mind (anymore) them trying to find a syndrome. I like the Children's hospital, I love the people he deals with in Genetics and I REALLY enjoy spending the day in Pittsburgh with two handsome boys. So, test away genetics. We're having fun.:) And if someday you find something, that's okay. We are only given as much as God thinks we can handle. I just remind Him from time I'm not as strong as I look. Haha.

I love this little boy with everything inside of me and yet am at at peace with whatever is in front of him. It is an incredibly free place to be. So here I am, embracing tomorrow, regardless of what it brings.

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  1. Great attitude, Liz! I remind God of the same thing all the time - LOL!