Saturday, November 19, 2011

A home away from home.

A home away from home.

We stayed at the Ronald McDonald house Thursday night. Case had a total of 3 appointments, blood work, a sonogram of the liver and a cookie swallow test Thursday and Friday. I was thankful for an inexpensive place to stay but the Ronald McDonald is so much more than that. It is a place with other moms and dads that have felt what we felt. Have cried like we cried. Have heard aweful news. Have heard wonderful news. Have seen miracles and ones that have not. Most of all the Ronald McDonald House is a house of many blessings. Almost every night generous groups, families and even Ben Roethlisberger  donate meals. There are toys and gifts for the children, free laundry facilites and always food and drinks for free. But the blessings I have enjoyed the most are the non meterial ones. Friendships have been one of those nonmaterial blessings. Mostly the one I made with Lisa. You can follow her inspiring story of her son who has overcome a life treating birth  defect and the trials that come along with it here. She is such a dear friend, a fabulous mother and a very strong women. We have become close since our meeting at the RMH. There is something special  about another mom who knows the trials and blessings of giving birth to a special boy. I learned and was blessed more in my stay at the Ronald then I could ever fully make any one understand.  Being there Thursday night reminded me once again what Case was put on this earth for a reason. To touch, to bless, to purely bring Gods love and peace to others and much more.  He brought much peace to the mommies with babies in the hospital and as always was dearly loved by just about everyone he came across in the RMH and the hospital. What a special Case he is.

*Medical update*
Case will have the g-tube placed (and possibly a nison wrap) December 7th (or earlier if there is a cancelation). This will require a 3-5 night stay at the hospital. Case has some trouble when he swallows and will be followed by a speech therapists. They also want us to thicken every bottle for awhile  We are still waiting for the sonogram results on his liver. Previous sonogram results show that his bad kidney is getting smaller (will eventually disappear). The good kidney still shows some dilation and will need checked again in March. His hypospadias repair is scheduled for march 2nd (that is the first of 3 posable surgeries in "that area"). Okay, I think that's it.:)

Pictures from the appointments and Ronald McDonald House.:)

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  1. Thanks Liz! It's so good to have each other to relate to. Hope to see you soon...maybe on the 7th. Your photos bring back so many memories...