Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I find I'm moving to the rhythms of your grace.

During my 20 week ultrasound (with Case) the tech said we were having a girl.  We went to our first second level ultrasound 4 weeks later in Johnstown. The doctor started seeing several congenatle anomalies. I went into the bathroom and cried. While in there I very clearly heard the word Grace. I assumed that was to be our babies middle name. I looked the word grace up and found it means "blessing, favor". I got an amnio that day and later was told we were expecting a boy. I was puzzled. I really thought God was telling me to name our baby Grace. That wasn't it at all. He was telling me we were experiencing grace (blessing, favor) and still are.

Dan wasn't able to come with me and Case to the doctors yesterday. I drove to Ebensburg and met a friend. The three of us then headed the rest of the way to Johnstown. While just Case and I were in the car I head the song, "Your Love is Extravagant". I was particularly drawn to the line "I find I'm moving to the rhythms of your grace". It's true . I'm moving right along in the midst of His blessing and favor with beautiful fruit. Sometimes I struggle but with His help I get right back to the rhythms of His grace. It was a peaceful feeling I got. The appointment was fabulously. The surgeon is a gem (sorry, I know that sounds goofy but he was:). We are to call Thursday to schedule the surgery (to place a g-tube). I feel really good, at peace and so blessed by His favor.:)

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