Sunday, June 24, 2012

So far, so great.

Case has had GJ feedings for 48 hours straight. I have to say it's going great. He doesn't mind being hooked to continuous feeds and is tolerating them fantastically! I am moving the rate from 25 mls an hour at 24 hours to 30 mls an hour for 20 hours. He is a pump free mam from 5pm till 9pm tonight.:) He has retched a few times when he ate a piece of pretzel or peach. His swallow study showed a heightened gag reflex causing him to gag, retch and sometimes vomit when he eats most solid foods. Honestly, if this is the worst thing we deal with in the feeding world, then good. It sounds like it can be desensitized with therapy and the OT (you've got your work cut out for you, Nicole;). Since the GJ placement Case has been drinking and eating some! He had 10-15 bitty bites of yogurt without any problems today! Yay! And his new found love is green Gatorade (he must know his Miss Jane drinks the same stuff;). His appointments went great! I will update you on those later but for now...the big guy is (hopefully) getting bigger and doing FAB on this new journey called the G-freakin'-J.;)

I know, the sippy is pink but desperate times call for desperate measures.;) When a tubbie wants a drink you give him a drink in whatever is close by!

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  1. SO good to hear!! Hope it continues to go well and he progresses without too many back steps!! Praying for you!