Sunday, April 29, 2012

Of pediasure, poop and prayers.

Case has been on the new Pediasure Peptide 1.5 for about 13 days now. The plan is to take a 2 week trial on it before switching him completely. Here is a short list of the Pediasure Peptide 1.5 pros and cons compared to the Pediasure 1.5 he used to be on.

*Vomits and retches seem to be less then before (I think). Now he has around 3 to 5 (sometimes more) vomit and or retches in 24 hours instead of 7+.
*It comes in a bottle instead of a can. Not a big deal. It is more convenient though.
*He is not constipated any more and we stopped the med for constipation.

*Diarrhea. That's a big one. If it continues, he will be switched again. It seems like every day it gets a TINY bit better but sill diarrhea like.

So, That's that in the poop and Pediasure department, on to the "prayers". Something really cool happened today that I thought I'd share. Case started to cough and retch so Lainey (his 3 year old sister) ran to grab a towel. As you may have read in a past post, this is nothing new. She often catches his vomit in a mommy like fashion but today was a little different. I stood back a little bit and just let her do her duty. As I was watching I heard mumble mumble and "..and help feel him better. Amen". She was preying for him. SO CUTE! That was a great Mommy moment that I was blessed to experience.

We head to Pittsburgh Children's Hospital tomorrow to visit the Cranial Facial clinic (there are some possible concerns with the structure of Case's throat). Hopefully there will be some answers on why he has such trouble swallowing. He will also have an upper GI. This will show the doctors if his Nissen wrap is still intact or not and will also (possibly) give him some answers on why Case vomits/retches so incredibly frequently. Poor guy, I can't remember the last time he went a whole day without vomiting. That's all for now. Thanks for caring.:)

 Case and Lainey.
Case and his cool new feeding adapted shirt from Sweet P Styles.

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