Friday, November 9, 2012

The Gift of Hope.

We know first hand how hard it is to spend time in the hospital beside a sick child. We also know the warm feeling that spreads through our hearts when someone comes to our sweet child's hospital room with a gift. This Christmas, please join us in spreading smiles to patients at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. We'd like to donate Christmas gifts to the children who can't go home for the holidays. From now until December 13th we'll be collecting donations. Below is a link including suggestions to make a little boy or girl smile this Christmas. Please note, in the hospital, infection is always a risk. To protect patients, the hospital can accept only new items or those items that are clean and in excellent condition. We appreciate your support and know how meaningful this gesture will be to patients and their families. We'll be rooting for hope and spreading joy to those not able to be where they should be for the holidays...home.

Please feel free to contact me for more info.:)

Case was born on December 21, 2010 leaving us McNultys to spend the Holidays at CHP and the Ronald McDonald House. It was the generosity of others that really made those holidays special despite the circumstances.

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