Thursday, November 8, 2012

Stress is served best with a side (or six) of coffee.

In the past 9 days, Case has had surgery, fevers, countless vomits, a short hospital stay, an appointment with the Ortopedic surgeon, an x-ray on his legs, hips and feet, a hearing test (that revealed some issues and led to a new specialist, ENT), a crainiofacial appointment, trips to and from Pittsburgh, a sore, healing back, extra meds, and countless beeping from his pump....on top of the Case issues, we had a showing for our house. It took all day and help from a friend to get ready for...but I'm SO ready to get this moving party started! If Dan's not working or driving he's often sleeping (due to the fact that he's working his ass off) and our three girls are extra whiney, fighty and cranky. Then of corse there's the usual phone calls, insurance issues etc., etc. Let's just say, this momma is worn out! So, then come the stress headaches. Ever so slightly they begin but with each passing hour they get more and more intense. They steal my day, my moments, my thoughts and my cuddles. When one gets so bad that I'm sick to my stomach and my very nerve endings hurt that's how I know. I know that stress has taken over and no amount of coffee or Excedrine for mirgrane is going to help. I feel like I'm drowning in my own pain and when you're stuck in an intense mirgrane, you feel like it will NEVER end. Like you'll be sitting at your child's wedding imagining putting you head in a blender just to stop the demon that is a stress mirgrane. Eventually they lift and you become normal again but this normal is still new. It's been almost two years since our normal readjusted and some days I feel like I still haven't gotten the hang of it. Like, I'm ready to "clock out" and take a vacation from my life. Some of this stress is "only for a season" and some will last a long time but either way if I keep my head in the game and my coffe cup full. I know I've got this. And on the days that I want to find a hole to crawl in I know that He's got me and that I will find strength in the journey.

Waiting for mommy to get done with her chiropractor appointment.:) 

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