Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sometimes, faith is all you got.

I had a bad day Saturday. Sometimes, I have those. Those days where I just want to take a 3 week nap and wake up with less stress. Ha! Dan (my husband and father of our children.;) Got a promotion to assistant manager and transferred to a store about an hour away. So, on top of the phone calls, paperwork, tube feeds, Case's appointments, surgeries, raising all four kids etc. I'm trying to sell a house and move. The stress barometer was way high. I was having one of those "God, I must look stronger than I am...." moments. It seems like problems come one right after another with our special Case and it's hard to watch your child hurt. As I was feeling sorry for my self, I got a sweet message from a sweet man. A man that I admire and hope to get to know better (Hold up. Before you text your friend to tell them I'm considering cheating on Dan I think you should know this is a relative that I'll be living closer to after the move and I'm looking forward to spending more time with him.:). Part of his message said to hold on to my faith cause sometimes faith is all you've got. And with that my focus adjusted. It went off of myself and my stress and onto the big picture. I have faith. Faith that this is ALL part of a big, beautiful plan. A plan that often doesn't make sense. A plain that I only see a small speck of. A plan that is making me stronger. A very special plan.

Calm. I know I'm way behind on the "Photo a day October" but today is calm and this is calm.:)

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  1. So true, sweet friend!!! I say all of the time that I know there are moms with kids with special needs who don't believe but I don't have a clue how they do it. Keep on keeping on--holding you in my prayers:)