Monday, October 22, 2012

Dear Husband who Stuck Around.

Dear Husband who stuck around,

To you. The one I pledged my love to almost 9 years ago. You are pretty special. You're still here. After all we've been though. For better or worse and lately things have been worse more than better. Thanks for sticking around when most would have run away. Thanks for embracing the "special needs dad" role like it's what you were born to be. Thanks for defying the odds and preventing our marriage from becoming a "statistic". Thanks for watching all four kids (even the one with the beeping feed pump and leaky drain tube) so I can get out before I go nuts. Thanks for loving me even when I've already gone there (nuts). You're admirable. You're the hardest worker I know. Thanks for working SO hard that you've made it possible for me to be here, home (it's where my heart is). Thanks for wiping my tears, being my soft place to fall and showing me even the strongest of souls cry. Thanks for telling me I'm the best even when I feel like like worst. Thanks for listening to me complain over and over about the same thing. Thanks for forgiving me when I snap, yell and bitch. I know you don't feel like you do a lot when you work till 5 and fall asleep at 7 forgetting to take the trash out but you do. You stuck around and when the going got tough you got tougher. I'm proud to be you're wife and thrilled to be soon celebrating the better and the worse, the sickness and the health of another year.<3

You're ever grateful wife


  1. oh, liz. i just had a good cry. i'm so very happy that you and dan are such strong and loving parents...and strong and loving partners. that's such a blessing. <3 may god continue to bless you both.

    1. Thank you! But I can;t remember who you are... ha. Who are you?