Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oh HMO..

Oh HMO, you are a necessary evil. You started annoying me when you took the 8 hour day nursing care away from me because "I don't need it". Then, you decided not to cover ANY of the cost associated with Case's generic test (The Whole Exome Sequencing test). To top it off, you require an authorization (taking up to 72 hours and causing a missed dose or two) of the medications Case has been taking for months and still may charge me full price. I miss Medical Access. You are a thorn in my side. I can't help but think you are the start of an even more terrifying "health care bill" that could potentially be detrimental to say the least. However, I am thankful you are covering all of his procedures and appointments so far. Please don't stop doing that. You are not impossible, just difficult. But at anytime, feel free to go away and have Medical Access step back in your place. End rant.
I am aware that regardless of how difficult you are or how many headaches you give me, in the end, "everything is going to be okay".

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