Thursday, October 4, 2012

Move Along....

"He's gonna make it, I can just tell!"

Lately I feel like that song, "move along" by All-American Rejects.

"When all you got to keep is strongMove along, move along like I know ya doAnd even when your hope is goneMove along, move along just to make it throughMove alongMove along"

We've been busy in the McNulty house. My days have started early with retching and vomiting. It seems just minutes after the nurses "clock out":) the boy starts retching (again). He's been retching 4-8 times a night for about a week now. The doctor thinks it's the antibiotic he was on so we'll cut it and hope he has more peaceful sleep. So, my days were starting between 5:30-6. And it seemed I just kept going, moving along. It was like I was running on a half tank of gas and not stopping to "smell the roses". Sometimes it feels like I have to do that to "keep up" with everything. As I was " moving along" yesterday (stopping at Giant Eagle while Lainey was at preschool) I got caught off guard by a new "Case fan". Case wanted to walk into the store, so I let him. I held his tiny hand and he walked "tall" and proud backpack and all. A man passed him, looked at him, smiled and said, "He's gonna make it! I can just tell!". He's right. He's gonna make it and bless a lot of people on his way. I may miss some bathes and forget to switch the laundry at night but that's okay. It takes a village to raise a child and two to raise a special one. Lately I've been reaching out to that village and it's been reaching out to us. My kids are gonna make it. They're durable. I can't screw them up too bad. Even during the weeks that I mindlessly, and exhaustedly "move along" Case is going strong and he's gonna make it!;)

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