Thursday, September 13, 2012

Therapy, growth and random fevers.

Case had a great week of therapy! Yesterday was speech. He said a new word and did two new signs! It was also nice to just watch him play and learn (as it always is). Today we did back to back therapies at a play ground. First Physical then Occupational. Case climbed, talked, ran, slid, picked flowers, blew kisses, "caught" kisses, threw garbage away, blew threw a straw, drank two sips of juice and licked and sucked on cookies. That's what we call good therapies! He is learning every day! He's still not growing much physically, but mentally is growing leaps and bounds! This past week he had some random fevers. One went as high as 102.7 (a little high for comfort). Because Case only has one kidney it's important we catch a kidney infection right away. His pediatrician wanted to see him so, I took him last Thursday. It looked like it could be a kidney infection or a virus. I was given the choice of going to the local hospital right away to have them draw blood, cath him and x-ray him or I could take him home and only take him if it got worse. I chose to take him home and watch. It's always nerve wracking making decisions like that. Thankfully, I made the right one! He still was feverish off and on but he didn't get worse and was completely better by Friday evening.
So, that's a quick update on mini man! Oh, and he's been a bit of a local celebrity since he was on the news.:) People recognize him when we are out sometimes. He is so special!

Oh and he got this AWESOME, new, hand made backpack from, TuFeBoutique!

Gotta love therapy in the park!

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