Monday, September 24, 2012

Riding the Gain-Train!

It seems for the first time in oh, 13 or 14 months, Case has gained over a pound in 4 weeks! Yippie! It's about time! The GI doctor was very impressed. He has us staying at 42 milliliters an hour for 22 hours. Each milliliter is one calorie equaling 924 calories in 24 hours. I don't know if that's the magic number or if he's finally over a hump but here's to hoping he keeps it up!! He will obviously keep an eye on his height too. We don't want him ":wider than he is tall.;)". Also at the GI's on Friday he said he thinks he has an infection in his GI tract. He sent a sample of his poop to the lab and I should get results tomorrow. That would explain the weird poop 4-7 times a day and the random fevers. If it is an infection, it should be taken care of with an antibiotic. Also, we are venting 22 hours again but now can we can pitch the bile. Yay for that! The doctor had a sample of blood drawn so he can have a "baseline for electrolytes etc.". If Case seems dizzy or starts acting funny we will have his blood checked again and if throwing the bile away is harming him we will put Pedialyte into his belly. Good deal. So now the big boy is 16 pounds!! He is speaking more and uses a few signs.:) He is stubborn and adorable, just like his father.;)

What a typical Genetics appointment looks like.:)

Big boy sucking on a grape.

Using the stool from his Physical Therapist to do naughty things.;)

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