Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Just as long as he's healthy."

During my 20 something week ultrasound the tech told us Case was a girl. Around 25 weeks I let the Dr. talk me into an amniocentesis. The results came back xy. When I told one person in particular we were having a boy (not a girl) they said, "Well, just as long as he's healthy." Hmmmm. But what if he isn't? Should I trade him for a "better model"? Should I disregard him and try for a healthy one? No hard feelings, but that comment stung like a bee. And even now when I hear it, I wonder if people even realize what they are saying.  Don't get me wrong, I "get" that we all want our children healthy. I know that we pray and long for our children to live healthy, easy, "normal" lives. But sometimes, God has bigger plans for them. A life with sickness, struggle and special needs is not for the faint of heart, but it's a life chosen for my boy. He is a very special life. A life more than worth living and I am oh, so thankful for him.;)

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