Friday, August 10, 2012

"I hate delivering these."

"I hate delivering these." Says the UPS man this evening. He was referring to the cases of formula he had just brought with all the other feeding supplies. He went on to say, "I hate delivering these because I know the person on the other end is struggling." I was on the porch with all the the kids. Case was sitting on our bench with his pump backpack just chillin'. Not struggling but thriving. The Ups man realized that he was "the person on the other end". He squeezed his toes (and my heart) and said, "You're pretty cool, guy". Yeah, he's pretty cool. He's struggled and he's overcome. His body parts have/will be fixed but his soul is WHOLE. He's been sick, cut open, pinned down, stuck, stuck, and stuck some more. He's been monitored, tested, and considered deathly but death has nothing compared to his INNER STRENGTH. Today was one of those days. As I sit here rocking him, my clothes are covered in spit, throw up, meds, sweat and tears. But my heart and arms are full. Case had been struggling again.He had a long day. He's been retching and vomiting more and more so his Pediatrician and GI doctor decided to have him x-rayed (in Altoona) and sure enough the tube has (somehow) made its way into his stomach. He'll have to go back to CHP this coming week to get it pulled out and another placed. You see, his struggles don't last long because they are overcome by a peace that passes ALL understanding from deep within him. Today, at the Pediatrician's and the x-ray place I saw love flow from him as he toddled confidently along and people couldn't help but notice. He has a very special purpose!

 Playing in the rain with a shopping bag over his feeding pump-pack.:):)
 One month worth of feeding supplies. I vote UPS sticks a small surprise in deliveries like theses to keep it's customers excited about the UPS truck!!

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