Friday, August 31, 2012

A Hard Road.

I read an email from a friend. Not a close friend but a sweet girl none the less. She said there are complications with her pregnancy and she has a doctor in Altoona, Johnstown and Pittsburgh. God, did that bring back memories. She said that I am an inspiration and she follows this blog. Her experience sounds very similar to ours and my eyes filled with tears. She is on a hard road. A road not for the weak. A road that will make her strong. My prayer for her and her husband is that even though they will bend may they never break. Even as I type this I am overwhelmed with emotion for this sweet woman chosen for a special journey. I don't know details but I know that this isn't what they pictured when they saw the positive pregnancy test. And I know that they will need to readjust their focus. But from the bottom of my heart I tell you to never think of this as a curse. To know that you are loved. When people say, "as long as it's healthy..." know that they don't mean it and if they do they never met Case. May God's blessings pour out to this family. May they see strength within them that they never knew they had and may they never forget they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them. Don't forget to cry. You don't always have to be strong and no matter how hard it gets there is strength in the journey.

"Don't fear when you go through the fire
Hang on when it's down to the wire
Stand tall and remember what He said

I won't give you more, more then you can take
and I might let you bend, but I won't let you break..."

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