Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy is as Happy Chooses.

A week or so ago, on our way to the bus stop I was having a discussion with one of my daughters about choices. She was in a grumpy funk and had as I call it "the Eeyore Syndrome.” The Eeyore Syndrome is a made up syndrome that means no matter your surroundings, you are grumpy. "Ho, hum. Nobody cares about me. My life sucks. It's too hot. It's too cold. Nobody loves me…." This particular little girl in our home was just plain grumpy no matter what was going on. She was so grumpy that week that I am pretty sure even if we were in Disney World she would have found something to complain about. As we walked the two block walk to the bus that morning, I told her I could not make everything perfect and neither could she, but what she could do was CHOOSE joy. Regardless of how crappy she felt her life was, she had the power to choose real, true joy. I immediately thought of sweet Case. He is FULL of joy. He is blessed with peace. At his young age he, in his heart, chooses Jesus' joy. He has been pricked, poked, gagged, cut open and IVed. He's spent a collective 45 days in a hospital. Has thrown up every day multiple times a day for months. The list of crappy things he has, does and will endure in his life goes on, but you know what? He is happy. He loves life. If he can choose joy, so can we.:)

I ran across a blog a few days ago that I found to ring true. "15 Powerful Things Happy People Do Differently". I found a lot of great points in this particular post. my favorite point was this:
"2. ACCEPTANCE vs. RESISTANCE.  Happy people understand that you can’t really change a situation by resisting it, but you can definitely change it by accepting that it is there and by understanding that there might be a reason for its existence. When something unpleasant happens to them, they don’t try to fight it, knowing that this will make the situation even worse, but rather, they ask themselves questions like: What can I learn from this? How can I make this better? and they go from there, focusing on the positive rather than on the negative. They always seem to see the glass half full no matter what happens to them."

Throughout our very special journey there have been a lot of "unpleasant things happen to us.” We didn't try to fight these things, instead we have learned from them. THEY HAVE MADE US BETTER. I believe in my heart that God made Case special. I love him just the way he is. I've never tried to fix Case because Case isn't broken, and you know what? I'm pretty sure he feels the same way.:)

Check out the blog post 15 powerful Things Happy People Happy People Do Differently in this blog: purpose fairy. Oh and if you are feeling extra crappy (like I was this morning) you can watch this adorable video. If that doesn't cheer you up, nothing will.:)

A VERY special happy!!

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