Saturday, May 26, 2012

Case puts the ABLE in disabled.

After the birth of sweet Case a lady from our insurance company called and told me "Because of all your baby's problems he is probably considered disabled." She was right. According to the state Case is indeed disabled. I remember the first time she told me that. I was standing outside of the NICU wondering why I was wasting my precious cell phone minutes talking to this lady. Disabled? Really? How can a baby even BE disabled. A war veteran or a woman who lost her leg in a biking accident yeah, it makes sense that those people are considered  disabled but my sweet, new, precious baby did not seem disabled to me. Once I got over the fear and faced the reality of raising a "disabled" child I realized what a blessing it is to be his mom. He may be disabled but he had never let that define him. His ABILITIES out weigh his DISABILITIES. He is able. He is able to have peace in the midst of chaos. He is able to overcome obstacles. He is able to love when most would hate. He is able be be different and not ashamed. He is able to be strong while others would be weak. He is able to endure pain and be pleasant. He is able to rise above the sentence of a disability and embrace life. He put the ABLE is disabled and amazes us all. 

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