Thursday, April 10, 2014


So, I usually do all of Case's updates on his facebook page. If you don't follow him on facebook, click here.
I'm going to TRY hard to update the best I can on here too for those of you that don't have a facebook account but for now, please pray for the important things going on at the end of this month.:)

On April 28th (Monday) I'll be admitted to Children's for a procedure Tuesday morning. They will place a catheter into my brain to measure... the pressures in my head. I will stay in the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) while they do this. On Thursday, they will take the catheter out, do an another MRI (I just had my 3rd in December) and decide if I need a Cranio Vault Repair (an invasive and intense surgery where they will completely reconstruct my scull-*and my forehead, etc.)
It's all a bit overwhelming but we know that God has great plans! We will be fine either way....If Case gets the surgery, it could really increase his quality of life and eliminate his headaches. If he does not get the surgery, we are confident his incredible team at Children's will find out what's wrong and treat it.
Just pray.

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