Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dear Case

Dear Case,

You are our inspiration. You make us stronger. You've touched tens of thousands of people with your strength. Because of you, mommies are stronger when they have babies in the NICU. Because of you, grown ups decide to better manage their diabetes and stop sweating the small stuff. They see something beautiful. They see Jesus in you and want to be more like Him. You won't understand till you're older but you've shown me that perfect is an illusion. That different isn't defective. Different is beautiful. You don't know this either but, you've been though hell. You've been through more in you're tiny, 3 year life than 10 grown ups put together and you, my beautiful boy have done it all with a smile. I will never be able to thank you enough for being so special, for making our lives brighter. As you age, I see you understand more. You know what's happening soon.....that you're going to the hospital again. That they are going to cut you *again* (for the 9th time to be exact....). But you're not running. You're not worrying. You know God has incredible plans for you and they began the day you were born. You're so handsome, so loving, so kind. You know no other life and that's okay with you because you are a hero. Our hero. 
God bless you sweet baby, today and always. May you never be ashamed of your differences and may you always know just how much of a blessing you are. 


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