Saturday, December 21, 2013

I Thank God for BEAUTIFUL you!

Beautiful YOU!

Dear Case,

Happy three years! What a wild ride it's been. Thank you for being YOU! Bright, bold, beautiful YOU. You're different from the rest. You're insides , your outsides, your heart and your soul, I wouldn't change one tiny thing about you. I've loved everything about these crazy 3 years. I've loved the good, I've loved the bad, the chaotic and the sad. I've loved it all because it's all part of who you are and what we've become. We are different. We love more, we yell less....all because of you. You are so beautiful. Case, I'm so thankful you were born just the way you are. I love your spirit, I love your smile, you'd crooked fingers and tiny toes. I can't believe all you've endured in 3 short years, all of the pokes, all of the tests, the surgeries, the nights at the hospital but through it all, you still smile so bright. You are my inspiration and I still remember the first time I saw you. I remember looking into your tiny eyes and just knowing everything would be alright. Everything will always be alright. No matter where we are or what we are doing..... we will always be alright because we will always have each other. Just like your first Christmas when you were in an isolate with needles, wires and tubes and we celebrated at the Ronald McDonald house with a tiny tree and a lot of love.....You see Case, it doesn't matter where we are or how we spend our days as long as we always have you. Bright, beautiful, you. 

With all my love, always and forever....

The day I was born.

When I was 1!

When I was 2!

I am 3!


  1. You are an awesome mommy! God bless you. I said goodbye to my unborn son, Liam on January 2nd of this year. I've started a blog of my own so I can tell the world about him even if he's not here physically. Just remember you are amazing and Case is lucky to have you for his mommy. ❤️