Monday, December 30, 2013

He'll be by my side.

It's true, through the darkness and the trials. At the hospital and home, He will be with me always because I am loved and I am valued. In a world of medical. When it seems all I do is make phone calls, shuffle paper work and travel to specialists because my child is special, it's easy to lose myself. My mind frequently spins with the last medical info or the dread of the upcoming test/hospital stay/procedure.  It's a burden that is heavy and constantly reminds me that there is no end in sight....but then I remember, I am loved. I am valued and I matter. I remember when I carried my miracle who's insides and outsides were being formed intricately and uniquely He was whispering His promises into my heart. That this is a beautiful, blessed and different journey. That we'll always and forever be okay because even though our future is uncertain He will always have His arms wrapped tight around us. He's always close by to hand the ever looming anxiety and fear to. I am not ashamed of bad days because bad days don't mean I'm a bad person, they just mean I AM a person and I am growing. I can do this because He is with me and shining enough light in my path for the few steps in front of me and all I have to do is foot at a time.


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