Saturday, March 31, 2012

A very special Sami

Our second, Samantha Lynn McNulty was born  on October 6th, 2005. Samantha meaning "Listens to God". Lynn meaning "Beautiful".  She is super! Her gentle, submissive spirit makes her a joy to raise. She is in Kindergarten and doing fantastic! She got %100 on every test (ever) and really enjoys class. She is cute and funny, always smiling.:) Samantha loves. She loves her siblings and has a  special connection with Case. She loves her classmates and is always complimenting everyone. She can recognize the lovely in not so lovely situations. Anytime I am down she cheers me up. Whether it's a silly dance, a silly song or a sincere compliment, she is my go-to-girl on a gloomy day. Dan and I are so thankful for this witty, caring, loving lady. She is a very sweet and very special Samantha!
Sam and Lainey.

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