Saturday, March 17, 2012

A very special poem.

Our sweet special boy named Case
Does all things at his own pace,
Would not eat or grow
His weight was too low,
So we prayed and relied on God's grace.

Making him eat was real tricky
So they had to install a Mic-Key,
From a bag and a tube
Come nutrition and food,
But some days it makes him real sicky.

Anomalies, Case has a lot,
Against all odds sweet boy has fought,
He's become a town hero
Regrets, we have zero,
Through this blessing I birthed we are taught.

I wrote this very special poem for our boy with the help of my friend Terri and her daughter. I entered it in a contest to win a pump back pack (see yesterdays post.:)

Thanks to all who voted yesterday. Case did not win but a very deserving little boy did.:) If you haven't liked Pumpkin Packs on facebook yet you can click here.  Like it. Look around. Buy an electronic gift card for your favorite tubie or sponsor a back pack for a needy tubie.:)

Speaking of tubes, Case's has helped him get to 13 pounds 12 ounces! He took 3 steps by himself the other day and is super active. Soon he will be 15 months old.;) 

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