Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Oh God, I'm holding on to you."

"Well I tried to be everything I need
But a broken heart was all that I achieved
Still I don't understand
Why it's taken me so long to know You never change
Your love remains
Oh God I'm holding onto you"

When nothing stays the same. When tomorrow is always different than I've planed, I'm holding on to you. Oh God, it's out of control. I never know what Case's Dr.s are going to say or what his insurance is going to deny next but I know you are near. You've picked me for a very special job and everyday I find myself needing to let go...remembering that You know better than me. I never could have planed all this. I never would have planned all this but it's because I never knew how full my heart would be once I became this mommy you've called (more like drug me) to be. I  am thankful. I am humble. I will fail more than I succeed. To You be all the glory. Without you, I'd be nothing. Thank You for being by my side for every diagnosis, every tear, every failure, every headache and every blessing. Because, without the rain there would be no rainbow. Thank you Lord for the Very Special family we have become. 

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