Monday, June 3, 2013

"I promise it will be worth it".

With the birth of a medically complex, disabled, special needs child comes an extra does of love. Not for that child (you love him as much as your other children) but FROM that child. From deep inside his soul.  Love covers you. Love gives you the strength to fight the long fight and year, after year, love stays. You feel love for the homeless-looking man that stops to admire your special gift. You feel love for the countless Dr.s, specialists, therapists and nurses that save and enhance your special child's life. You love the children that lost their battles and the momma's that morn their loss. You love the children in the mist of their battles.You love those you never met that love, encourage and support you on this rocky road. You're in a whole new world. A world that use to terrify you. You continually remind yourself that worry and frustration kill, steal and destroy but love covers a multitude of sins. You will be wronged. Lied to. Sinned against. Not everyone will love your child as much as those who advocate for him. Most won't understand that with the first "second level" sonogram your life changed (for the harder and the better). You got news that shook your entire being...You then had to fight for the sick baby in your belly and pray he defeats the odds. When he was born you become more than a mom. You become a nurse, a fighter, an advocate, a pusher, a Dr., a cheerleader, a secretary and more. When you feel like you're crumbling, like God mistook you for a stronger woman that love envelopes you and gives you strength for the journey. He never promised it would be easy, He promised it would be worth it....


  1. You are an amazing person and so is Case.....This really touched my heart....Love covers a multitude of favorite scripture...praying for you guys.....much love <3

  2. This was a beautiful expression of who and where you are! Through Case many miracles have happened...So God who give miracles spared one big one to give you a life of countless!! What a treasure!!