Sunday, May 19, 2013

Oh, the places you'll go!

Oh my, boy. My sweet, special boy. You've been though a lot in your 28 months on earth! Even making it to earth was more than you were thought to do! I know that it hurts more than it should to be you. You feel pain daily not like a two year old should but you are happy deep with in your soul and it shows. You've been cut open more times in 28 months than most are in a life time! You are poked, prodded and shot with needles so much that you often don't cry anymore but boy, you're a blessing! You've been in homes all over the nation and when your face grace's Facebook's news feed people smile. People all over the world love you because you're spirit is bright and you restore hope to they're souls. When they look at you, they feel strong because you show them what strength is. Oh, boy you are still going, I know and I can't imagine all the places you'll be in your lifetime. Thank you for bringing me along. For helping me grow.  I love you boy, just the way you are. Click that link to see Case on Fox news.:)

Today you were on National news.


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  1. Yes Mr. Case you are special! And you have a God chosen 'special' family that loves you as well as a whole world of other families that have come to love you too. You have come a long way baby boy and you will continue to go a long way because God has plans for your little life. You have touched so many lives and given inspiration & hope & courage to so many just by being you and winning us over with your infectious smile that we look forward to seeing daily. May God continue to bless you and your family. You are my super hero Case! Sending hugs n prayers from Mississippi <3