Sunday, February 24, 2013

In the sick kids world…

When I made Case's facebook page this past October, I dove head first into a cyber world of blessings and heartache. A world where a momma can tell me "I know just how you feel" and mean it. A world where you won't see many complaints on children having common colds or colic. Instead you'll see Facebook status's begging God for just one more day to love on a sick child or pictures of tubes, wires and smiles. This is a beautifully sad and happy world. In this world one day you'll see a gorgeous baby on your computer screen and the next day he's gone. Our children's days are numbered and in the "sick kids" world it's more apparent than ever! Instead of complaining of a broken furnace families are thanking God it's "ONLY a broken furnace"…I've made long term friend's with momma's Ill never meet face to face and if I did, I probably would only know who it was by the special child in her arms. I am daily overwhelmed with the love and generosity of complete strangers and soon these complete strangers are dear friends. I'm so thankful I decided to share Case with the world and am overwhelmed by the tough of him having 7,400+ fans (and growing). :) Even though my news feed in flooded with prayer requests, funeral arrangements and praises I wouldn't have it any other way! The child that I was given as my last has opened my eyes and my heart to the good distill left in a world of heartache and for that, I am for ever grateful!! 

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