Friday, February 8, 2013

Case is Case and that is that.

As the day approaches for us to get the results of the Whole Exome Sequencing Test (an extensive, expensive, 6 month long genetic test that used the blood of Case, his father and me back in October) I've been thinking more about why God made Case different than He typically makes a baby. When Case was formed in my womb, many parts of his body were formed uniquely, some may even say incorrectly. His organs don't all work, his heart has several abnormal variants, his mouth, feet, brainstem, and even skin are "different" than yours and mine and that's just a few of his differences. This test is supposed to find the syndrome that links all of his "problems" together. I have mixed emotions about this test. It could find markers for cancer, Alzheimer's, or another horrible disease. It could say that all of Case's "problems" are carried from me or his dad. It could even tell us Case's days are numbered. I know that some people pray for complete healing for Case and I appreciate that but that's not my prayer. You see, God has always answered this one prayer I pray for His boy and that's "Your will be done." I believe with every fiber in me that Case was made special for a very special reason. No pastor, doctor or test will convince me otherwise. Sure, I ache when Case aches and I cry sometimes but I know that I was handpicked for a VERY special job. One that I will never take for granted and I thank God for Case's differences. When God knit Case together in my womb He used a different kind of thread and like I said before, different isn't defective, different in beautiful.

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  1. Beautiful Liz, sharing this over at Mod Mamas because you and Case inspire me all the time and I don't want any of us to miss it!!!