Saturday, July 21, 2012

19 Months Old Today.

This kid is an adventure, every day brings joy, grace and blessing ( oh and sometimes tears). This tiny man (14 pounds 10 ounces and 26 inches long) has taught me more about life, love and strength than any pastor, teacher or book ever has. He has pushed me to almost breaking and kissed me when I cried. He brought this family to a new normal and has shown us how special, "special needs" really are. He has taught us to live in today and deal with tomorrow when tomorrow comes. He is our blessing, our lesson and our tiny teacher.;)

And now for an update on the little-big man:
Case can walk and does sometimes (probably about as much as he scoots.;) He really doesn't talk. He can say a few words but rarely does. We have a consult with a Speech Therapist, August 30th. He does communicate well with pointing, shaking his head "no" and an adorable new nod for "yes". He seems to be tolerating his J feeds of Nutren JR. He does still retch some mornings for no apparent reason but that seems mild compared to the issues he had on the G feeds.  He throws almost all of his own diapers away. He blows kisses and waves "hi" and "bye". He fist pumps and gives the best kisses. He is active and feisty, takes fits and apologizes with hugs. For the most part he seems to be developing quite well and is rather smart. He is a tiny toddler.:)

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