Thursday, October 31, 2013

You are good enough. Period.

You are good enough. 

Hey, you....Yeah you, the mom with regret written all over your face. 
You are good enough. You are strong enough. You are pretty enough. You are doing a good job. At the end of the day, when you're laying in bed and through your brain is running all the things you've done wrong. You're thinking about your unorganized sock drawers and dirty toilets. You're thinking about the home work you forgot to sign last week resulting in your daughter getting a "warning" (in other words, her mom sucks and she suffers)...About all the things you could have and should have done but didn't have the time, the energy, the brain space or the strength....
 At that moment remember how loved you are. How forgiven you are. How you, yeah you were made in Christ's image and you are a child of the one true King. Don't listen to the voice that tells you otherwise. With all that you are and all that you have, believe that you indeed ARE good enough. Remember that with the night comes the morning and a whole new day of mercy and grace. Being a mom is hard. After all, we are raising tiny beings that some day will be adults and will make decisions of their own. More times than not, we're pretty sure we've screwed them up beyond repair....but deep down, just try to believe that children were made with forgiveness and probably won't remember how dirty the toilets were or how disorganization spewed out of the cupboards when they went to grab a glass. They won't remember that you didn't have time to put make up on or change out of your slippers before running to the store. They don't know that you wish you were 10 pounds skinnier or that you often wonder if all you do is in vein. They will remember the 7:00am tea parties and late night prayers. I can only hope they will know deep down in their precious hearts how much their momma loved and cherished them. That they will forget your tired snaps and frustrated words as you clean their juice spilled spots for the third time in a row... So, sweet momma....the next time you think you've failed remember that you are loved, you are cherished, you were made perfect in the image of the one true king.<3

"Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people."


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